The shaved ice here is perfect, like sweet flavored snow that melts in your mouth instantly. The teas were delicious, I tried both the Day and Night and the Pike Place Sunset. Both were with a 2 sweetness and were delightfully on point on flavor. In the Pike Place sunset there were explode in your mouth lychee balls and pieces of grapefruit. The day and night had the sweet bitterness of the black sesame tempered with the fat of the milk - my favorite so far. Black Sesame shaved ice was earthy with a hint of sweetness and the lychee shaved ice was lightly sweet with a soft texture. Honestly, best shaved ice and milk tea I've had in downtown Seattle.
This place is awesome. First time trying real shaved ice. the owners were really nice and it was delicious! Highly recommended!
9/25/2018 First to Review I randomly stumbled across this place while walking around the SLU area with my co-worker. It is located just around the corner of Whole Foods. The inside is small, maybe 3-4 tables, but very clean and welcoming. I have been 3x now and have tried a different flavor shaved ice each time and they have all been tasty. The ice itself is flavored and they add toppings that compliment the flavor (e.g. bursting boba, jelly, condensed milk, etc). The texture of the ice itself is very light and fluffy and is Taiwanese style shaved ice. They also serve different kinds of tea which I also got to sample. The tea is very refreshing, but is not sweetened so a good option if you are looking for a more healthy beverage option. Service has been very friendly too so this has been a nice addition to the SLU neighborhood. C A. Seattle, WA
10/12/2018 I got the mango shaved ice and the grapefruit green tea. The quality was outstanding (they used real fruit) and the popping boba was a nice touch. My girlfriend got the Day and Night (black sesame) drink and said it was also super delicious. The owners were also super friendly and nice and I had a great conversation with them! I'll definitely be going back soon. Jimmy H. Berkeley, CA
9/27/2018 This hole in the wall restaurant opened up several days ago and is 2 doors down from Whole Food's parking lot. If it wasn't for their sign on the street, I wouldn't know it existed. This shop is run by a husband and wife team. The wife makes the tea while the husband makes the snow ice. Together they make healthy and light tasting food. I ordered a Royal Velvet which tasted like a light taro milk tea with small seeds, condensed milk, taro and frozen boba. The boba had more of a azuki Bean texture and even though I normally don't like it frozen, it went well with the drink. The husband was kind to give us a sample of his shaved ice. He was super sweet and the shared ice had the same healthy and light taste to it. I Kristi A. Seattle, WA
10/1/2018 4 check-ins I've been here several times with my boyfriend. I believe it's a mom and pop shop. The people in here are absolutely humble and welcoming. My favorite go to item is the Honeydew and Mango Snow Ice. Once in awhile the lady let's me have a drink to sample for free. There's not a lot of snow type options in Seattle so this is nice. It super fluffy and melts in your mouth! And the flavors are good. It's a shame that it's in a rather awkward location. It's very easy to miss. I hope this business does well, and more people visit. It worries me a bit because of it's location. They usually have signs outside for you to find the place. It's literally next to the garage area where Whole Foods is at. Tammy N. Santa Ana, CA
10/30/2018 Saw the advertising plate next to Wholefoods and decided try. Ordered HK silky milky tea and asked for the fruity blursty bubbles (which are rare to find), and it was AMAZING! The taste speaks to the name, super silky and milky! The gentleman was not very fast at making the orders (he's in his 60s) and I think English is his second language but he's SUPER humble, dedicated, and nice. In summary if you want something super fast then this is not for you. But you want something dedicated and special, check it out. Haven't tried their shaved ice yet. Will go back soon to check it out! Miao Y. Columbus, OH
Really good shaved ice! The service was also really good (looks like it's just the owners working here, right now). They gave us free oolong tea as we waited for our orders, which was super kind of them! Right now, it seems a little quiet, and that's probably because it's a bit tricky to find, or is maybe rather new. I definitely think this place deserves more attention, though. Tip: To find it, you have to walk along 9th Ave, on the same block as Whole Foods. It's not too obvious to find.
Hidden gem in Seattle. Had no clue this place existed even though I walk past that area often. Hidden right next to the entry to wholefoods parking lot. Lots of selections for boba drinks and shaved snow. Tried the pike place sunset and loved the lychee ball mixed with fresh grapefruit. The owners also offered some shaved snow and really enjoyed the lychee flavor.
The snow ice is delicious, and so is the bubble tea!
Try the snow ice!